Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Advencement Record Keeping

Guide to Advancement 2011 - the most recent updates to advancements for all levels of Scouting.

Cub Scout Advancement policies

Den Leaders need to track their Scouts' achievements, but for most packs, it is best to involve one other adult to coordinate the advancements and make the awards purchases for the entire pack.

Advancement Chair responsibilities

Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures

Advancement suggestions

ScoutNet: National BSA Internet Advancement

Record Keeping programs, software or web-based

Excel or Open Office Spreadsheets

Cub Scout Trax by Frank Steele:

US Scouting Service Project by Richard Diesslin:
Paper forms
Collection of National BSA tracking sheets

Unit Advancement form with fill-in-the-blanks

Unit Leadership Enhancements

Tucked away in Chapter 28 of the Cub Scout Leader Book are 15 Unit Leadership Enhancement Outlines.  These are short reviews of Training Topics.  It is intended that one of these be reviewed at every pack committee meeting.  In a few minutes you can review an entire facet of Scouting (e.g. Pack Meetings or Cub Scout Camping) and get answers you need.

These help the committee understand the program, how to work together, and improve the program for the boys.  This is a valuable source of supplemental training especially for those leaders that do not get to roundtable.  These can give valuable insights and ah-ha moments for the little time that is invested.

Cub Scout Leader Book on-line (also linked in the Cub Scouter links in the sidebar)
Unit Leadership Enhancements are found on pages 201-209 in the online document and on pages 28-1 through 28-9 in the paper book.

    Annual Program Planning
    Character Development
    Cub Scout Camping
    Family Involvement
    Leadership Training
    National Awards
    Pack Budget Plan
    Pack Committee
    Pack Meetings
    Planning Special Events
    Policies of the BSA
    Program Evaluation
    Youth Protection