Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conservation Good Turn

The purpose of this award is to encourage Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews to join with conservation or environmental organizations (federal, state, county, local, or private) to carry out a Conservation Good Turn in their home communities. 

The award is earned by any youth and adult members.

Once a unit has completed a meaningful conservation project, unit leadership fills out an application form and submits it to Council.  

Participants earn a Conservation Good Turn patch (00149) and the unit receives a Conservation Good Turn Award certificate (21-389).  The patch is a temporary patch and is worn centered on the right pocket of the uniform.

Conservation Good Turn Info

Conservation Good Turn Certificate Application

Red Cedar District – Area County Parks

Wickiup Hill Learning Center
Wickiup Hill is likely the best Linn County site for Cub Scouts, as it is designed with young children in mind.

Removing invasive garlic mustard is an on-going project in many sites in Iowa, including at Wickiup Hill.
Garlic Mustard photos and explanation of threat

City of Cedar Rapids – Parks

Please contact the Parks Department first, rather than just showing up and cleaning a park.
  • The City will provide black garbage bags at the site and will pick up the bags afterwards if they are left in an agreed-upon location, especially for Saturday projects.
  • Parks staff will be able to match their project needs to your Pack’s range of ages and number of participants.
  • The Parks Department tracks the number of volunteer hours each year served in city parks, for their records.
  • If any park neighbors call about your Pack’s “suspicious behavior” in the park, the Parks Department will have a record of your presence.

Indian Creek Nature Center
Contact Jean Wiedenheft, who will have a wish list of ICNC projects available.  She can discuss your Pack’s abilities and match them to a project.  She is also open to ideas your Scouts have in mind

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