Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snacks for Dens and Packs

Today's Roundtable will include Share and Tell snack time, for leaders to tell about their favorite Cub-pleasing snacks.

In my own den, the Cubs have always enjoyed Goldfish Bubbles, which is so easy to make.
Cub Scout requirements encourage young chefs to get a start in the kitchen.
Tiger Elective #25: Snack Time  Make a snack and share it with your family or den.
This site argues in favor of snacks at den meetings:
Snack time is a good time to make announcements, because (in theory) the boys are quieter due to chewing.

Do Your Best to encourage healthy snacks.

Other sites for Cub-friendly recipes:

See our entry on Food Allergies for more information about group snacks.

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