Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Review: Cub Scout Leader How-To Book

Older cover - How-To Book
The Cub Scout Leader How-To Book is a wondrous resource for anyone working with Cub  Scouts.  It contains hundreds of ideas to use in den and pack meetings (especially when Plan B isn’t working either).  Den doodles, magic tricks, behavior incentives, fire building, the Cubmobile, skits, games, stories, crafts – it’s all in there!  Having this book handy can rescue a meeting gone awry and can help to plan meetings that Cubs will remember for years after.

For Scouters who like a paper book at hand, click here to order or stop by your local Scout Shop.

The current cover uses the 2010 design scheme, but Scout Stuff assures that the content is the same as the older How-To books.  Currently the price is $7.99, which is a bargain – my own copy has a price tag of $9.95.

For Scouters online, the book is available for free in Portable Document Format (.pdf) – all 288 pages.

Depending on your computer’s limitations, the document should be searchable, but the table of contents and the index are also available. 

The book is divided into seven main topics, with several sub-topics for each.

Table of Contents
1.    Accentuate the Positive
2.    Crafts
3.    Games
4.    Outdoors
5.    Razzle Dazzle
6.    Special Pack Activities
7.    Cub Scouts with Special Needs

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