Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elements of a Good Pack Meeting

Good Pack Meetings keep everyone's interest and keep families eager to return next month.

Have a gathering activity that encourages cooperation, that can add more boys at any time, and that matches the level of excitement allowed by the meeting location (outdoors, cafeteria, auditorium).

The Cubmaster leads the show, and should be comfortable acting boldly.

Some packs have one den each month sponsor the meeting, providing set up, support, snacks.  Other packs have annual charts letting dens know each month if they are in charge of set up, flag ceremony, clean up, or tear down.

Encourage den participation with skits, songs, run-ons.  Include a game each month to use natural Boy Energy.

State clearly at the beginning of the year if parents are expected to stay, and at what level parents are expected to participate in your Pack Meetings.  Each Pack will base this on traditions and on behaviors of the Scouts and the parents.

Encourage awards to be presented every month.  Most Cubs thrive on Instant Recognition.

Have a plan.  Even when the evening doesn't go as planned, the act of making a plan makes each Pack Meeting run smoother.

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